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TASER® X26 Buy-Back Purchase Terms And Privacy Policy

TERMS: We buy-back TASER X26 and other TASER models from our customers. You can also sell your TASER® X26 inventory to us for more than previous TASER Buy-Back offers as an outright purchase which is more than was ever allowed on a trade-in basis. Within five to seven business days of receipt in most cases and almost always within 4-6 weeks, all units are evaluated to verify they are in working order, and payment is then mailed to the Seller. Any that are not in full working order or reparable will be purchased for a mutually agreeable reduced price, or returned to the Seller at the Seller's expense, or safely disposed of at Seller's option. If you prefer, rather than direct payment, we will provide credit for you, or purchase specific equipment for you, from the vendor of your choice.

SHIPPING INFO: We accept shipments to meet your schedule as your officers and deputies are retrained and certified on the use of your new model CEWs. You can ship to us using your preferred shipping method, or call us at 702-617-3300 to request prepaid FedEx Ground shipping labels and our TASER X26 Purchase Agreement, a copy of which should be included in each container. Please notify us when you are ready to ship. We will notify you when your shipment has arrived and give you an estimated time frame for processing. Our shipping address is: Accredited Security, 6017 Pine Ridge Rd Suite 73, Naples FL 34119-3956.

REGISTRATION: Serial number registration transfer of ownership will be undertaken by Accredited, and a Receipt with record of the transfer of ownership will also be provided to the Seller along with a Certificate of Disposal.

EVIDENCE SYNC: Evidence SYNC will work offline to extract data and to clear error codes, but Accredited makes no guarantee that it will work online if you subscribe to an Axon data management account. You can ask your Axon representative to release the serial numbers to you. If they refuse, you can still extract data, update the software and clear error codes offline, but you will not be able to add them to your Axon account.

PRIVACY POLICY: Accredited Security houses all client data on a separate server that is password and firewall protected and maintained periodically to above industry standards. No information is sold or copied. We use information that is voluntarily provided by the Seller only when permission is granted to provide references to other law enforcement agencies. The identity of the previous CEW owner always remains 100% confidential.

RETURN POLICY: Purchases may be returned within 30 days of purchase for a refund of the purchase price less $15.00 or 15% restocking charge, whichever is greater. Purchaser must notify Accredited in advance of their intention to return the product and must pay for the return shipping. The return must arrive within 30 days of the purchase date in the same condition as when shipped. Batteries at less than 99% of capacity will be deducted from the refund amount.

EXCHANGES: Purchases may be exchanged for other products under the same terms as that of the Return Policy, but the restocking charge will be waived if the exchange amount is comparable to or greater than the original purchase price.

COMPLIANCE: Accredited sells exclusively to U.S. law enforcement agencies, correction institutions, individual officers and others with strict adherence to local, state and federal law. Accredited does not sell outside the USA. You can designate resale is to go only to government law enforcement agencies and government LE officers by indicating such on the Purchase Offer Agreement.

LIABILITY RELEASE: Accredited Security universally agrees to hold the Seller harmless in the very unlikely event of any legal action that would involve any potential for liability.

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